At Ilovetolook  we are privileged each and every day to help members to achieve their health and fitness goals. We understand the need to protect personal information provided to us and take this role very seriously. Our commitment to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our members’ personal information is addressed in this privacy policy.

We want you to understand why we collect your personal information, how the confidentiality of this information is protected and how you can find out what information concerning you is recorded. This policy applies to all Ilovetolook Fitness clubs across Canada.


Ilovetolook Fitness is responsible for your personal information under its control. We have appointed a Chief Privacy Officer who is accountable for our compliance with this Privacy Policy. Please refer to the last page of this policy for information on how to contact our Chief Privacy Officer.

Personal Information

Personal information is information about you as an individual, and includes information that identifies you and that can be used to contact you. This includes such information as your name, birth date, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, banking information, credit card number, and the like. It may also include information about your health and fitness levels and goals, if you have communicated these to us. We also collect data about the services that you purchase from us, the frequency of your visits to our clubs and about the specific equipment, classes and services that you take advantage of, so that we may constantly strive to offer you the best range of fitness options. If you have a Corporate Membership, we will collect the name of the business that you work for or have a membership with.

Aggregate Data

We may also combine your personal information with that of other individuals to create aggregate data which we will use, for example, to improve our products and services and develop new ones. Aggregate data is general information about groups of customers but not about you as an individual. We may also disclose aggregate member data to be used in academic research (e.g., exercise adherence), provided, however, your data will never be individually identified or identifiable in reports of the research findings; only aggregated data (group averages) will be presented.


In the interest of security and prevention of crime, we may take a digital photograph of you when you become a member. We will use that photograph to verify your identify when you attend at the club. If you don’t wish to provide your photograph, you may decline, and you may ask us to delete your photograph at a later date. If we do not have your photograph on your member profile, we may ask you to provide identification to verify your identity when you attend our clubs. Your photograph will be deleted when your membership is terminated in our systems.

Contacting Us

Ilovetolook Fitness wants to hear from our members regarding any issues or comments they may have with respect to their memberships or any services offered by our clubs. We may record this information and transmit it to our clubs in order to address them in the appropriate manner. When you contact us, by post, telephone, fax, email, SMS, live chat, through our website or through social media, we collect the information that you disclose to us. This may include details such as your name, address, telephone, fax, email and phone number, as well as your questions, inquiries, comments, complaints or requests. If you correspond with us though any media, we may keep a record of that correspondence.

Member Access

In order to fulfill requests for access to information in your file or to answer any questions or address any concerns individuals may have about privacy, Ilovetolook Fitness has designated a Chief Privacy Officer. In addition to answering inquiries, the Chief Privacy Officer is also responsible for ensuring that the Policy requirements and related procedures are being met.